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WebHR Integration with Slack

WebHR Integration with Slack

Top 5 Key HRMS software features

Before considering any Human Resource Management Software, check if they are having these the Top 5 Key HRMS software features, or else you will end up using HR Software that is similar to your current old fashion spreadsheets.

What are the benefits of Automated Time and Attendance System?

Throughout the HR processes, Time and Attendance is a slow, dull, and time-consuming task that can cost the business owner a lot if not captured correctly.

Convert Stressful Time and Attendance into Gratification Time and Attendance

WebHR provides a complete time and attendance solution, now you have the right to choose from the 18+ attendance methods so that you can relax and convert the Stressful Time and Attendance into Gratification Time and Attendance.

Necessary things to know before Off-boarding an employee

All though off-boarding an employee has many pros, it can also come with cons if not done in a correct manner. WebHR is sharing necessary things to know before the Off-boarding of an employee, ensuring that there are no loose ends.

Emotional Intelligence at Workplace and its relationship with HR Performance

Emotional Intelligence is important at a workplace for improved HR Performance. It consists of<br /><br />four components: self-awareness and self- emotional management; and social awareness and<br /><br />relationship management. Employees having high EA are problem solvers and high performers.

Research: HR Performance and Emotional Intelligence

Research proves a positive relationship between HR Performance and Emotional Intelligence.<br /><br />People with high EQ have been seen in good mental health. They understand own selves and<br /><br />others, hence they become problem-solvers cum high performers, and have good relations with<br /><br />others.

What are Employee Rewards and Recognition in HR?

Employee Rewards and Recognition are always a challenge for employers worldwide because of<br /><br />having a financial impact. HR Recognition Budget Worldwide equals an amazing figure of $46 Billion! But there are other ways too!

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) for HR at Workplace

Emotional Intelligence for HR at the workplace is a very important factor for job success. The questions of what are Human Resource and Work Relationship Attributes (HR-WRAs), how to deal with HR stress, be a problem-solver, and have good relations with a diverse workforce, are given possible solutions through high EQ.

Peer mentoring a powerful tool behind the success: Post COVID-19 approach

Peer mentoring needs the attention of the organizational strategic level employees to focus upon and foster the same, for the collective good for its people as well as for the organizational success in today’s turbulent times when there is a cut-throat competition across the global village specifically in post-COVID-19 scenario nowadays.

How can VTO benefit a business?

The employers offer VTOs program to fulfill the corporate social responsibility – CSR, whereby employees are to volunteer their efforts serving the society representing their organizations. This creates a sense of ownership among employees.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in HR and its relationship with HR Leadership

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in HR has its relationship with HR Leadership, as it is an uncovered fact that leaders never panic! But why leaders do not panic, because leaders possess high EQ.

Virtual Workplace: A necessity during and after COVID-19 Global Pandemic

Virtual workplace has been a vital necessity during and after COVID-19 Global Pandemic so far as the scenario is seen worldwide. Remote working is inevitable in such circumstances.

Must ask Exit Interview Questions - eGuide for HR

Employer thinks why the talented employee is leaving our company, who was performing best for us. Here, we tell you some must-ask Questions to ask the employees leaving an organization.

Roles and Responsibilities of HR - eGuide

What are the roles and responsibilities of HR in HR management along with the provision of a conducive environment to the employees where employees should feel comfortable!

Enhance your employee&#39;s experience: a Post-COVID-19 approach

How to enhance your employee experience especially in the post-COVID-19 era is a question of key concern for Employers at the Global level nowadays! WebHR helps you solve this query in seconds goes!

Top 10 Advantages and Disadvantages of LLC

Before we go into the details of the Top 10 Advantages and Disadvantages of LLC, let’s learn here what does LLC means and how it can be formed.

9 Box Grid for talent management

9 Box Grid is a fine known capacity management instrument for employee talent which is divided into nine assemblies in accordance with (i) existing performance and (ii) the future prospects for the growth, in other words, it is known as potential.

Strategies to Reduce Overtime Costs

Amid turbulent times global elevated post-COVID-19 pandemic on the surface of the corporate world, though remote an employee works extra hours to meet the targets. Business owners have to pay staff members the overtime worked with a concern that it should not affect profitability.

How to Become a Human Resource Specialist?

For an employee to become a human resource specialist, it is not required that you must be an HR Manager or HR Specialist at work as a very first step! All you need to have the following set of skills primarily:

Everything to know about HR Analytics - eBook

HR analytics is data-driven HR decision making which helps in the manpower succession plan, HR needs predictions, employees’ pay, performance and impact of engagement on financial tracking, etc.

Effective Recruitment Process - eGuide

If your recruitment process is effective and not defective, you are saved from spending six to nine months’ salary of one employee for recruiting a new candidate upon departure of leaving employee. An effective recruitment process has several important and unavoidable steps.

HR SWOT Analysis - eGuide

HR SWOT Analysis is a business tool for strategic human resource management purposes pertaining to business activities of current and future prospects for any concern. SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.

What is 401 (K) - Every thing you need to know

401 (k) is a retirement plan for employees working in the private sector and is offered in the USA by many employers.