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Must ask Exit Interview Questions - eGuide for HR

These questions should be prepared as pre-planned and in the form of a structured interview, it called conducting exit interviews. This way, the employers are able to draw honest feedback about their own selves and the company culture in the eyes of exiting employees. Employees take a decision to leave you due to development opportunities outside.


What Employers must know when their employee is leaving?

When departing employees have decided to leave, the employers must know:

The aforementioned bearing in mind would help you to tailor exit interview questions well. And the information may help you for retention of your future employees.

Moreover, along with these, we have more to share with you. Yes, the following are exit interview questions that may help employers to extract the genuine and valuable information known as honest Employee feedback!

Question.1 Why do you want to leave our organization?

Question.2 Why did you start to see another job?

Question.3 What influences you in a new organization most to leave us?

Question.4 What we could have done to retain you?

Question.5 What we would have done better?

Question.6 Would you considering working for this company again?

Question.7 Do you think you were well equipped to do your job with us?

Question.8 Were you comfortable with your supervisor here?

Question.9 How do you find our company culture?

Question.10 How your supervisor(s) would have been better?

Question.11 Did you ever talk to anyone inside a company about your concerns?

Question.12 Did/Do you feel you were/are important for us?

Question.13 Did your job description change since the beginning and till now?

Question.14 What qualities should you think look in your successor?

Question.15 Did you get ample training with us to perform your job professionally?

Question.16 Did you get growth and development opportunities here?  

Question.17 If you are given a chance to change something in our company ,what would you change?

Question.18 Were you communicated clear goals, targets, mission, and vision of the company?

Question.19 What do you think we should change in our Training, Growth and Development policy for employees?

Question.20 Kindly tell us your best day at the job with us and why?

Question.21 Similarly, what was your worst day here and why?

Question.22 What part of your job do you like most?

Question.23 What job part/kind do you dislike most?

Question.24 Did you receive proper feedback on your job / yourself to improve?

Question.25 What would you do to improve the morale of the employees?

Question.26 What part(s) of your job would you like would have been changed?

Question.27 Would you prefer, any of your friends or relatives looking for job, to us?

Question.28 Would you like to add something else?

Question.29 Would you like to add any specific examples during your tenure with us?

Question.30 What is that one big reason again to leave us and join others?


Few of the above-mentioned questions are direct and others indirect. Some of the questions are reiterated/asked again and again with different perspectives. It is pertinent to mention here that we have covered here many of the HR-related tasks behind the exit interview questions curtain. Those are:

This is all to find out the real reasons behind the leaving employee resignation and avoid repeating mistakes, if any, on the part of the employer, for the win-win situation creation: other existing on the job and future employees’ retention and performance improvement purposes, consequently the organizational successful exchange of profitability.