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Virtual Workplace: A necessity during and after COVID-19 Global Pandemic

Virtual workplaces or remote working have bypassed the geographical boundaries at the global level. It has come up with some pivotal attributes like:

Which jobs require physical availability as mandatory?

There are some jobs that are vitally requiring physical availability is mandatory. They are, for example, an artist needs to be in studio or at least before cameras on site for recording, or on stage, an aeronautic engineer on a hanger for planes’ repair, mechanic on site for vehicle maintenance, tour guide on-site, swimming guide on the pool, cricket coach in ground, boxers/wrestlers need to be inside the ring, and etc.

What are Employer Benefits of Virtual Workplace?

Moreover, the virtual workplace has been progressive and liked by employees throughout the globe, as people at least are in homes near their loved ones while working even. Too, for the employers, it saves physical estate costs including utilities, transportation costs saving fuel, and much more.

What is the disadvantage of a virtual workplace? 

But with it, there remain a few disadvantages as well. Of those the key, for example, is the employees feel isolated and less socialized.

So, what should be done to make the virtual workplace a better place?

During and after any global pandemic like COVID-19, for virtual workplace making a better workplace, the following should be done:

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