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Peer mentoring a powerful tool behind the success: Post COVID-19 approach

As people are working from home – remotely - therefore the communication meet-up gap has been widened than ever before amid global pandemic, necessitating the situation to cooperate and coordinate the jobs on one platform to avoid an increase in descending trend of employee wellbeing impacting individual performance resulting in declining organizational success. A peer mentoring relationship is a connection resumed between the people working together.  

Peer mentoring is the communication between the same level employees that is a one-to-one intended talk for the purposes of:

By peer mentor(s), the employees get to the positive impact of the situations facing both professional as well as personal lives.

What are the benefits of Peer Mentoring?

Following are the benefits of peer mentoring:

What are the qualities of Peer Mentor?

An employee having following qualities can be a good peer mentor:

What is important for starting a peer mentoring program?  

Now, it is a question of key concern that what is important for starting a peer mentoring program. The following tactics should be taken care of before starting a peer mentoring program:

Cambridge research about peer mentoring amid COVID-19

Moreover, the Cambridge research of 2021 in the Journal of clinical and translational science uncovered the pragmatic fact that peer mentoring in virtual format is feasible and novelty-based in academic success during the COVID-19 pandemic. This programmatic approach needs to be highlighted for more peer-to-peer care in academia.     

Final Thoughts

Moreover, it is mandatory not to mix up the concept with coaching, as that may be between the groups of people and that is performance oriented in nature. While mentoring is one-to-one intentional communication by a senior employee to junior one (but working in same grade level) and this is purposefully developmental in nature.

However, it is the viewpoint of the experienced scholars in HR Psychology that Peer mentoring in post COVID-19 pandemic is much needed than ever because people are in a lessened degree of wellbeing due to being remote and away from the workplace working online. The office work environment is deprived and the sleeping patterns have been disturbed so far! This all has consequently produced the anxiety picture on the board. Therefore, peer mentoring programs can be much helpful for people to people contacts resulting in, individual, societal, and organizational development worldwide in any situation, say pandemic, post-COVID-19 or normal healthy situations.