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What are the benefits of Automated Time and Attendance System?

There are numerous benefits of using Time and Attendance software rather than using a manual time and attendance tracking spreadsheet or attendance forms.

Throughout the HR processes, Time and Attendance is a long, slow, dull, and time-consuming task that can cost the business owner a lot if not captured correctly.

The benefits of using automated time and attendance software can help you to avoid incorrect and misleading entries of employees’ worked hours which can increase the accuracies in the payroll, avoid legal and compliance issues and save valuable time for an HR person.

Accurate Attendance Records

Time and Attendance Software captures accurate time once an employee Sign In and Sign Out. With every minute captured accurately, employees can be paid for what they deserve including the overtime, and helps you to avoid overpaying. Since the attendance is automated, the risk of human error is being stamped out. Many modern time and attendance systems also offer mobile apps which avoid buddy punching and also track employees from where they have marked their attendance.

Employee Empowerment

Most of the time and attendance software allows an employee to access their own attendance records, leaves and PTO (Paid Time-off) balance, and their work shift or schedule for the next day or week. As employees may not wait for their manager to share the information it may be relieving for employees and this way they feel more responsible and empowered.

Resolve Compliance Issue

As employees are accountable for their attendance, it can help organizations to stay in compliance with the labor laws. With the automated time and attendance software, you can also generate various reports which can help you in audits and help you to monitor and avoid any potential rule violation.

Inch-Perfect Payroll

As employees’ data including their time and attendance records are automated and cloud-based, you can pull out the accurate report which can be used to process the payroll without a pen and paper in your hands.

As with Automated time and attendance software you are saving money for the stationary items you are also minimizing the time to gather the employee hours, and overtime without any human error.