What is WebHR ?
WebHR is an online web-based Human Resource Management System that can be used by any small and medium enterprise to manage its most important asset - its people!
How do I get started ?
Signup for a Free account by going to Pricing & Signup page and by following the on-screen instructions.
What do I need to start my Online HR ?
All you need is a computer with Internet connection and you are good to go!
What are my computer requirements to use WebHR ?
WebHR is a web based application that does not have any special hardware requirements. If your computer can handle Yahoo Mail, Gmail and Hotmail, it can definitely handle WebHR.


Why is this service free, where's the catch?
WebHR is free for 05 employees with limited access. Free sign up allows a company to evaluate WebHR before making their purchase.
I need subscription for a specific number of employees
Please go to our WebHR Pricing Page for subscription of any number of employees up to 1,000.
Is the purchase one time, monthly or annual ?
WebHR is a monthly subscription service. However if you pre-pay for a yearly plan, you get over 30% discount.
How soon will my WebHR be ready after making the purchase ?
As soon as you sign up for WebHR, for either free of a paid plan, your WebHR account will be ready.
Can I upgrade/downgrade my plan at a later stage ?
You can upgrade or downgrade your plan anytime by contacting our Sales Department.
What is the refund policy ?
Please see our Terms & Conditions for our Refund Policy
Can I cancel my subscription ?
You can cancel anytime, you will not be charged from your next billing cycle.
Are there any discounts ?
The only discount WebHR offers is over 30% discount on yearly plan.
Do inactive employees count towards the pricing ?
No. Only active employees count towards your subscription quota.
Do I get support with my purchase ?
WebHR provides Standard Support to all of its free clients. Paid clients will always get our Priority Support.


How long does it take to get a response from WebHR Support ?
WebHR's standard response time is 1-2 business days, but we try our best to respond to all queries within the several hours or maximum by the next business day.
Do you offer phone support?
WebHR does provide Phone Support to all of our Paid clients. Please email us a callback number and an appropriate time to call (including your timezone) and one of our Support Representative will give you a call.