A successful organization's cornerstone lies in prioritizing its employees' health and safety. The WebHR wellness module offers a robust toolset to vigilantly monitor employees'; well-being, particularly during challenging times such as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. By investing in our employees'; well-being, we aim to foster a more satisfied workforce and propel the organization toward greater heights of success.

Holistic View via Wellness Dashboard

Our wellness module's dashboard provides a detailed overview of COVID-19-related data within the organization. Information, such as the number of employees testing positive or negative for COVID-19, vaccination rates, and more, are easily accessible. This vital data enables you to comprehend the overall health landscape of your employees, allowing you to make informed decisions for maintaining a secure work environment.

Effortless Employee Vaccination Status Tracking

With the increasing significance of vaccinations, the WebHR wellness module enables you to monitor the vaccination status of employees effortlessly. You can input important vaccine-related data such as the vaccine name, status, date, and other relevant details. This facilitates a comprehensive overview of vaccination statuses within your organization.

Ensuring Health Transparency

WebHR's wellness module simplifies the health tracking of your employees. By distributing a health screening form, employees can share their health status, travel history, and recent contact information. This transparency aids in identifying potential risks within the workforce, enabling you to take appropriate measures to safeguard your employees and curb virus spread. If an employee tests positive for COVID-19, the system ensures prompt notification.

WebHR Helps you to Track Potential Infected Employee COVID Exposure

Leveraging the power of the contact tracing submodule, our wellness module helps you trace potential COVID-19 exposure within your organization. By maintaining records of individuals who may have interacted with an infected employee, you can effectively notify affected employees, helping minimize the virus spread.