Track Your Employees Performance with 360 Degree Performance Module

360 Degree Employee Performance Reviews and Tracking

WebHR Performance module is an extensive 360 degree Performance review and evaluation system that is used to create and perform self-reviews, manager reviews, and peer reviews. You can design your performance review, using objectives, KPIs, KPI weightage, personal development, and competencies indicators for employee evaluation as needed. The Dashboard displays a visual summary in varying formats of all the data within the module. The dashboard also displays the review process and status update of every employee. Other tabs allow you to view the status of all the reviews generated within the system. This module allows you to run reports on the reviews completed by your employees to ensure efficiency of performance reviews assignment and completion.

Easily Design and Assign Employee Performance Reviews

The Performance module allows you to design and assign special reviews as often as needed to track and address any employees’ performance issues before they arise.

Automatic Notifications and Comprehensive Performance Reports

Our comprehensive reporting system provides you with the talent management tool needed to take the necessary action to improve your employees’ performance, keep them engaged, and leave them feeling valued. Automated reminders and notifications will ensure that your employees’ evaluations and reviews are always done on time so that you are always one step ahead!

Key Features
  • 360 degrees performance reviews
  • Centralized employee performance data
  • Define KPI, personal development and competencies indicators and include in your
  • Performance Reviews
  • Simple Performance review designer with intuitive forms and assessments as needed
  • Automated reminders and notifications
  • Comprehensive performance review reporting system