A Complete Learning Management System for All Your Training Needs

Your Intuitive Training Designer.

With a powerful and intuitive training designer and the ability to upload your own, you can track your employee’s personal development, generate training completion certificates, and run comprehensive reports to help you accomplish your company’s vision, mission, and goals. With WebHR Training Module, you can create, import, and assign training courses to your new as well as existing employees. You can attach training documents and videos for your employee to review while taking the course.

The Dashboard

The dashboard provides an overview of the training courses that have been created, assigned, and completed by the employees of your company all on one screen.

Training Needs Assessment and Reporting

The Training module allows you to access training information and generate the necessary reports to determine your training needs and the training development needed to help your employees and the company accomplish their goals and objectives. You can set up approval request processes of up to 5 levels of approval as needed.

Training Evaluation

You can assess the effectiveness of the training courses completed by your employees so you can make the necessary changes and plan your future training material and events based on the training evaluations conducted.

Key Features
  • Training course designer with document and video attaching capacity
  • Centralized training and trainer data
  • Training completion certificate
  • Training needs assessment and assignment
  • Training evaluation and reporting