Process Your Payroll Successfully and Efficiently Based on Your Payroll Calendar.

Automatic Calculation and Deductions Simplify your Payroll Process

Once set up, WebHR Payroll automatically calculates everything from taxes and claims to benefits and leaves. You can rest assured that every update you make is automatically calculated! Employees have access to their payroll information all the time and employers will have a designated account manager and access to an incredible support team who will be there every step of the payroll implementation process!

Payroll Dashboard

The payroll dashboard displays employee’s salary information, providing visual graphics of all the company’s payroll data

Easily Set Up your Pay Schedule and Process your Payroll

It has never been easier to set up your pay schedule. You can set up direct deposit, print paychecks, or pay your employees manually. The system allows you to run your payroll in a timely and organized manner. Once the payroll is generated, employees get an email notification with their payslip details. Employees access their payroll information all the time so that your HR can focus on running their department instead of spending their time answering employee questions.

Payroll Reports that Fit Your Needs

Make intelligent HR decisions with sophisticated, integrated data reports or generate new ones with the ease of a drag and drop tool. From Payroll taxes and adjustments to payslips and salary, see how simple reporting can be with WebHR by scheduling a free demo. WebHR gives you instant access to over 175 built-in, exportable reports to help you make informed HR Payroll decisions every step of the way.

Key Features
  • Centralized payroll data
  • Easy and quick payroll processing
  • Multiple Payroll set up
  • Different currency option
  • Automatic calculation of PTO, Taxes, Expenses, etc.
  • Automatic notification of payslip details
  • Multiple payslip format
  • Compliance Reports
  • Pay schedule
  • Direct Deposit
  • Paychecks processing
  • Payroll data reports