A Central Platform for Managing and Tracking Your Company Visits and Visitors

Easily Track Your Company’s Visitors and Visits

WebHR’s Visitors module eliminates all your paperwork by automating any HR forms or sign in sheets that you may be using for tracking your visitors check in and check out and by providing you with a central platform for all your visitors and visits data.

Sign In and Sign Out Trends

The dashboard displays an overview of all the information within the module. You can see the list of visitors on any given day, the purpose of their visit, and their destination. You can run daily, weekly, or monthly visitor reports of any kind, and as with any other system generated report, you can print, email, export or save your report as needed.

Key Features
  • Centralized visits and visitors data
  • Easily track your visitors and visit trends
  • Easily count your total number of visitors for any given day in case of an emergency evacuation
  • Sign in and Sign out trends and reports