The timesheet module of WebHR is the most advanced and easiest, focusing on efficient time tracking, leave quota, and leave management. It allows your employees to record their working hours, leaves, and tasks, this helps you to monitor and manage employee time data. This module helps you manage employee time, optimize resource allocation, and drive project success and overall workforce management.

Easy to Track Working Hours

Managing employee working hours can be tricky, WebHR timesheet module enables employees to add their working hours, and they can also enter their start and end times, breaks, and activities performed during the day which makes it easy for you to track the time, this module captures the real-time information, facilitating accurate payroll calculations and keeping a track on time recoding.

Integration with Payroll

The Timesheet module seamlessly integrates with payroll. This eliminates the need for manual data entry and reduces the risk of errors. Approved attendance, employee hours and leave records can be directly linked to payroll calculations, ensuring accurate and timely salary payments.

Seamlessly manage the Employee Leave Encashment and Carry-forward

As per your organizational policies, if you give your employees an option to en-cash their unused leaves or carry them forward to the next year. The timesheet module allows you to manage these processes, calculate leave encashment amounts, and track carried-forward leaves, this provides flexibility for employees and ensures accurate leave-related financial transactions.

Easy to Track Employee’s Overtime and Leave

The timesheet module makes it easy for you to track overtime hours and leave taken by the employees. It automatically calculates overtime based on defined rules and policies, ensuring accurate overtime payments. Additionally, it helps you to monitor and manage employee leave balances, ensuring compliance with company policies and labor regulations.

Approval Workflows

The Timesheet module streamlines the approval process for recorded time entries, leaves records, etc. Supervisors or managers can review and approve timesheets within the software, ensuring accuracy and preventing discrepancies. The timesheet module helps to eliminate manual paperwork, reduces errors, and saves time for both employees and supervisors.

Reporting and Analytics

The timesheet module of WebHR provides comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities. HR professionals can generate reports on employee hours, leaves, overtime, and worksheets. These insights help identify trends, analyze resource utilization, and make data-driven decisions for optimizing workforce efficiency.