Feedback propels growth; in every organization, an effective survey can be the keystone to unlocking that growth. The Survey Module of WebHR serves as your tool to gather, interpret, and act on valuable employee feedback. It provides you with a platform to seamlessly create and manage surveys, enabling you to collect precious insights, gauge employee engagement, and make informed decisions to enhance the working environment.

Connect and Engage with Your Most Valuable Assets - Your Employees

With WebHR, you now have a powerful tool at your disposal to receive more feedback from your workforce. Our surveys provide the management with a comprehensive perspective of employees' sentiments about various aspects such as working conditions, leadership impact, motivation, and more, aspects that may not surface through regular communication channels. Properly executed, these surveys c

Craft Custom Survey Forms Tailored to Your Needs

Within the system, you have the flexibility to design various survey forms that align with your organization's unique requirements. Our Survey module offers a plethora of question types including star ratings, multiple choices, open-ended questions, and ratio ratings, equipping you to create comprehensive surveys that capture meaningful and actionable employee feedback.

Uphold Anonymity, Encourage Honesty

To foster a climate of trust and encourage candid feedback, our Survey module gives employees the option to submit their responses anonymously. This ensures that their insights are shared freely, without fear of retaliation, while you can gather and analyze honest feedback, thereby strengthening the organization's culture of trust and openness.

Effortlessly Disseminate Employee Surveys

Our module allows you to send surveys within the system itself. While dispatching the survey, you have the option to select your target audience, from specific employee groups to entire departments or stations.

Instant Insights with Real-time Analysis

WebHR's Survey module provides real-time data capture, enabling you instant access to survey results. You can monitor response rates and generate insightful reports complete with graphical and tabular representations. This immediate access to feedback promotes proactive decision-making and prompt actions.