A Comprehensive Shift Planner for Employees Who are Not on Regular Schedules

Your shift planner for employees who are not on regular work schedules

You can instantly view team availability, and easily plan their shift schedules with assigned stations and projects. Employees can view, accept, or edit their schedules anytime on the web or on the go. You can create and edit existing shifts and notify employees when a new schedule has been posted. You can copy schedules with a simple drag and drop tool. You can block out dates and monitor employees’ activities in real time.

The Dashboard

The Scheduler main screen displays a weekly calendar where the user can add, copy, import shifts, and accept the schedule. Your employees can mark their availability or unavailability with a click of a button. The employer can create open shifts for which the employees can self schedule as they become available. You can generate multiple scheduler reports, and similar to other reports within the system, you can print, email, export or save these reports as needed.

Key Features
  • Centralized scheduling data
  • Shift planning and scheduling
  • Schedule notifications
  • Open shifts and self scheduling
  • Availability and unavailability marking
  • Easily copy schedule with a drag and drop tool
  • Schedule bulk upload and update
  • Schedule publishing on main calendar
  • Schedule reports