Recruitment (ATS)

Simple, Seamless, and Highly Customizable Applicant Tracking System

WebHR helps you mainstream your recruitment and grow your business

Keeping applicants’ information organized through every stage of the recruitment process, so the team can focus on finding the right candidate, is our goal. The centralized candidate data keeps everyone involved on the same page and the automatic notifications and messenger features provide constant contact and communication, whether on the web or on the go.

Simple, Seamless, and Highly Customizable Applicant Tracking System

WebHR simplifies your recruitment process by interfacing with your company’s jobs portal and other recruitment websites such as Indeed, Glassdoor, ZipRecruiter, etc. The candidate’s application and resumé are automatically uploaded to your Recruitment module once a candidate has applied for the job. You can review applications, shortlist, interview, communicate with, and recruit candidates based on evaluation scores. This helps eradicate all the paperwork and data entry operations needed for record keeping and provides a single platform where all the records can be safely kept and tracked.

Recruitment Dashboard

The dashboard displays your Applicant Tracking System in a highly organized and visual manner.  It lays out your candidate demographics and displays a recruitment funnel for your organization with a breakdown of the number of candidates currently in the recruitment process.

Screening Summary

The screening summary gives you an overview of all your job posts, the total number of candidates, and the recruitment status for each candidate. This overall chart is easy to view and use. You can create and send interview tests, forms, or surveys for your candidates to complete directly from this module. You can also add or view documentation and notes related to your candidate’s application, making the recruitment process easy and ensuring timely and effective communication every step of the way.

I’ve changed my applicant’s status to “Recruit”, now what?

Once recruited, your employees can efficiently start self-onboarding, saving your company time and labor.  Employees will always be able to update their records, upload documents, and ensure their data is current. Once your employees are in the system, they will be able to request PTO, etc. and get approvals with just a few clicks. WebHR Recruitment module is an integrated recruitment solution that automatically communicates the new employee’s data to your WebHR Employee module, where all your employee data is securely stored.

Recruitment Reports

From job interviews to recruitment, see how simple reporting can be with WebHR, by scheduling a free demo. WebHR gives you instant access to over 175 built-in, exportable reports to help you make informed HR Recruitment decisions every step of the way.

Key Features
  • Centralized candidate data
  • Interface with your company’s job portal
  • Integration with external recruitment websites
  • Candidate screening and recruitment
  • Easily attach documents and notes
  • Automatic notifications and messenger
  • Interview tests and forms