Onboarding Module

Intuitive Onboarding Solution that Covers all Your New Hires Requirements

WebHR's onboarding is an easy, effortless and fast process

Welcome the new employee and start assigning tasks, new recruits can self-on-board themselves. Onboarding can be done from their laptops, mobiles or tablets. Auto reminders and notifications are sent for convenience and to remind them to complete the process to have access to their personal dashboards. Employees can seamlessly fill out their paperwork from a location of their choice with WebHR’s onboarding solution, with any device at any time.

Onboarding Tasks for New Hires
Employees enrollment made simpler

Employees follow a smart wizard prompting them through all the steps, helping them populate the information which is then securely stored. This one time process is comfortable and swift for both employees and employers, where the last step involves administrators approving & archiving the data.