Onboarding Module

Streamlined Solution for New Hire Integration.In the realm of talent management, efficient onboarding, and offboarding procedures are paramount. They ensure seamless transitions for incoming and outgoing employees. WebHR presents an innovative onboarding solution that simplifies your recruitment process, facilitating tasks like creating checklists, sending notifications, and building employee profiles.

Essential Onboarding Tasks:

WebHR's onboarding system makes the employee enrollment process straightforward and efficient. New hires follow a smart wizard that prompts them through all steps, helping them populate the information that is securely stored. This streamlined procedure is convenient for both employees and employers, culminating in administrators approving and archiving the data

  • Review & Sign Offer Letter: An auto-generated offer letter is sent to the new hire for review and electronic signature.
  • Online Training: New hires have access to all necessary online training for seamless onboarding.
  • Benefits Enrollment: New employees have the freedom to choose their preferred benefits plans.
  • Company Policy Acknowledgement: New hires are provided with the opportunity to review all company policies and acknowledge them by signing off.
  • Electronic Document Signing: Enable new hires to electronically sign required documents. (W-4, I-9, etc.)
  • Form & Paperwork Completion: Send out initial paperwork with a specific workflow, such as a direct deposit authorization form.
  • Personal Information Submission: Gather all personal information from the new hire, including banking details, dependents' information, and more.
  • Document Upload: New hires can upload necessary documents such as a driver’s license, passport, and latest resume.

Automate Documentation and Forms with the Onboarding Module: 

The WebHR’s onboarding module simplifies the paperwork process by automating the creation and distribution of critical documents, like employment contracts and tax forms. This automation reduces manual errors, saves time, and streamlines the HR team's administrative tasks, enabling new employees to complete necessary paperwork digitally.

Efficient Management of Employee Tasks, Training, and Checklists: 

The Onboarding module enables a structured onboarding experience by providing orientation materials, training resources, and company policies. New hires can easily navigate through these resources, acclimatizing themselves with the organization's culture and values. This HR software also allows managers to monitor the progress of new hires, ensuring that they receive necessary guidance. The module also facilitates the creation of task assignments and checklists, which include activities like obtaining security access and setting up email accounts. Automated reminders help both HR and new employees stay on track, ensuring a seamless onboarding experience.

The Impact of WebHR Onboarding: 

This module offers a comprehensive solution to streamline the employee transition process. By automating administrative tasks, facilitating knowledge transfer, and enhancing employee experiences, the module contributes to increased efficiency, improved engagement, and compliance adherence. This technological embrace empowers HR teams to focus on strategic initiatives while fostering a positive experience for employees at every stage of their journey.