Eliminate Your Paperwork by Automating all Your HR and Non-HR Forms

Eliminate your paperwork by automating all your HR and non-HR forms

The dashboard displays an overview of all the information within the module. You can see the completed forms, pending forms, employee forms, and any external forms that are set up within the system. There are form templates within the system as well as a forms designer tool that can be used to generate any company specific forms as needed. Forms reports can determine which forms are complete and which are still pending, so you can prevent compliance bottlenecks and keep your administration processes moving along.

Reaching Your External Parties

The Forms module allows you to create or upload forms and send to individuals outside the company, such as vendors, clients, etc. Within the Forms module, you can view, print, delete, and edit any form. You can email the forms as well as export them in various formats. You can set up approval processes for the forms completed by the employees. You can save the forms in the employees’ documents and give employees access to their forms.

Key Features
  • Employee forms
  • Performance forms
  • Job Candidate forms
  • Approval process set up
  • Training evaluation forms
  • Employee exit forms
  • External Forms
  • External Forms