WebHR offers an effective solution for managing your company's documents via its robust cloud server. With our system, you can easily organize your files into structured folders, providing an efficient approach to managing your documents. This not only saves time but also boosts productivity. Moreover, you can customize access to these folders based on specific employees, divisions, or even the entire company, ensuring your documents' security and accessibility.

All Your Organizational and Employee Documents in One Place

WebHR files module makes it easy for you to upload organizational/ employee documents within the system. This module gives you control functionally, allowing you to track and manage different formats of documents. Additionally, WebHR provides you with a secure digital storage space, this eliminates the need for physical filing capabilities, and it reduces the risk of documents being lost or damaged. You can create different folders or sub-folders to categorize and organize documents.

Define Access Control and Security

In the WebHR files module, you don’t have to worry about the data security of sensitive documents as you can define the folder permission access to authorized personnel. So, it is within your control whom you want to give access to the folders, and based on the access they can see the documents. The files module allows you to maintain strict control over confidential documents and ensure that confidential information remains protected.

Easily lets you search Documents Search and Retrieval

The files module gives you powerful search capabilities that enable you to search the relevant documents. You can search for the documents based on the document name, keywords, etc. This option eliminates the need for you to manually search individual files or navigate complex folder structures. This option helps you to save time and improve overall efficiency.