Manage & Track “On-The-Go” Employees Using Real Time Tracking & GPS Location

Track Your Employees Using Exact GPS Location.

eTrack is used for managing and tracking employees on the go, such as sales and delivery team members, using Google Maps to track and show their live location. This add-on module helps you track your employees in real time using their exact GPS location, captured from their smartphones. The map can be viewed in map or satellite forms (Google maps). Data Points will show you the date, time, latitude / longitude, the address of when and where the employee clocked in and traveled to and from. You can select employees to see where they are on the map. This module allows you to run various reports on the data within the system. These reports can be run to track employees’ locations while they are on the company’s hours. Just like other reports within the system; these reports may be printed, emailed, and saved as needed.

Key Features
  • Mobile employees management
  • Real time tracking and GPS location
  • Tracking reports