Manage & Track “On-The-Go” Employees Using Real Time Tracking & GPS Location. WebHR eTrack module is very efficient for your company as it enhances workforce visibility, optimizes operational efficiency, and promotes employee safety within an organization by utilizing advanced technology such as GPS and geofencing to track and monitor employees’ real-time location.  

Keep yourself updated with Employee Location real-time Tracking.

The Employee Location Tracking module provides real-time visibility into the whereabouts of employees. It utilizes GPS technology to accurately track and monitor employee locations, both in the office premises and in the field. HR professionals can view employee locations on a centralized dashboard, enabling better resource allocation, task assignment, and emergency response management.

Get Notified when the Employee Enters or Exits the Defined Geolocation

The eTrack module allows u to define virtual boundaries on specific locations us as a work zone, restricted areas, and customer locations. When an employee enters or exits the defined boundaries, the system will send notifications or alerts, this enhances the security measures for your employee as you can track in which location the employee has entered.

Reporting and Analytics

The eTrack module of WebHR offers reporting and analytics capabilities for you to generate reports on employee locations, travel distances, and productivity metrics. These insights facilitate data-driven decision-making and support resource planning and optimization.