Discover the simplicity of capturing your employees' details with our one-stop Employee Directory. This feature, meticulously designed around the needs of your organization, allows you to easily access both a brief and comprehensive profile of your employees all from one convenient screen. No need to navigate through multiple modules or submodules for crucial information; everything you need is just a click away.

Importance of confidentiality

The module provides you with ease to see detailed profiles for each employee. Employee profiles typically include information such as job title, department, skills, certifications, location, contact details, and work history. This gives you a comprehensive overview of each employee, facilitating effective collaboration, team formation, and communication within the organization.

Centralized Employee Database

The Directory module of WebHR acts as a centralized repository for all employee-related information. It compresses data such as employee names, job titles, departments, contact details, and other relevant information into a single, easily accessible location. This eliminates the need for multiple spreadsheets or manual records, ensuring data accuracy and consistency.

Quick access to Employee Profiles and Details

Furthermore, we understand the importance of confidentiality in a professional setting. With that in mind, we've designed the access to be flexible, giving you the control to limit what information is visible to other employees Reimagine the way you interact with employee data, streamlined for optimal user experience and productivity.

Quickly Connect with the colleagues

The directory module gives you an option to search which allows you to find and connect with the employees quickly. You can search for an employee based on various criteria such as employee name, username, etc. The search functionality ensures that employees can easily locate and connect with the right individuals within the organization.

Mobile Accessibility

You can access the employee details via phone, this allows you to access employee information on the go. Mobile accessibility enables employees to quickly find contact details, check organizational structure, and connect with their colleagues, even when they are outside the office. It promotes flexibility, enhances communication, and supports remote work environments.