Core HR

The Most Intuitive HR System That Works Hard, So You Do Not Have To! Either its company structural dynamics or employees and their absenteeism management, WebHR has a solution for all of them. In fact, WebHR can be used to simplify the daily tasks involved in the HR Department.

User Self-Service

WebHR is a multi-user role base system that lets you easily manage accessibility for your employees based on your company’s requirements. You can design as many role templates as possible like Employee Self Service (ESS), Manager Self Service (MSS), and Admin roles, and based on these roles, the system will assign access to the employees.

"I have been using WebHR's timesheet module for over a year now, and it has truly made my life easier. The multiple attendance methods, including mobile and biometric, have helped me accurately track my employees' time and attendance. The seamless integration with other software like QuickBooks and Xero has been a game-changer. The reports are comprehensive and have provided me with valuable insights into my company's operations. Highly recommended!"

Darrell Steward, HR Operation Manager | Mitsubishi

Document Management

Managing employee documents is not an easy task, but with the help of WebHR, you can easily manage your employees and company’s documents.

Comprehensive Reports and Graphs

WebHR contains a very detailed and extensive reporting module to provide ideal output for each entry input in the system, you don’t need to gather around the data to make company decisions or financial decisions, as with the help of WebHR comprehensive reports it will make it easy for you to analyze HR data and make the strategic decision. Each report that is generated from WebHR can be emailed or exported which allows you to share useful information with relevant stakeholders.

Available in 30+ languages

WebHR is a user-friendly software it gives you ease to customize the language of your WebHR account based on your native understanding.

Mobile Application

What is more one can ask for is to have the HR process within the reach of their mobile, Yes! WebHR offers the most advanced Mobile App. Apply the leave application on the go, mark attendance or geographical attendance directly from mobile, and perform many more tasks like performance evaluation, and surveys from our app. Our WebHR mobile application is available on both Android and iOS.

What’s on your mind?

Socially connect with all your colleagues through WebHR. The social platform enables important announcements and employee instant recognition. It also lets you share your thoughts on social networks like LinkedIn and Facebook.

Structural Dynamics

Design your organizational structure in the system to be assigned to employees like company, location, and departments. Manage structure/company-specific policies. Also, you can keep track of what changes are being made within the system with the help of system logs.

Hire to Retire

Once the employee is onboarded or leaving the company all tasks associated with the employee can be handled within WebHR. In WebHR you can manage major HR tasks such as Employee Profile Management, Assignments, Complaints, Travels, Transfers, Promotions, Resignations, Employee Exits, etc. Everything can be managed here. Also, manage disciplinary violations and issue warnings easily through WebHR. It allows organizations to automate almost all aspects of human resource management, with the twin benefits of reducing the workload of the HR department as well as increasing efficiency by standardizing HR processes.

Absenteeism Management:

Stay updated on real-time information regarding the attendance stats of the employees. Easily check who is on leave, and what is the sign-in and out trend. Not only this, but you can also define country-specific leave policies as per prevailing labor laws. WebHR has more than 15+ methods of attendance so you can choose which method is best for your company.

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