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Absence Management

What is Absence Management?

Absence management is a policy to regulate absenteeism from work because of urgency, sickness, or any incident along with managing uninformed, unplanned, or prolonged absences. Absence management is a critical element in determining the workforce's effectiveness. For instance, if an employee is sick, the work and productivity of the organization are affected. Thus, to manage it, there is a proper system to manage the time and attendance of the organization through which an organization can track which employee is present, on leave, and absent.

Absence Management - What research says?

According to research, employees' denial of sick leaves and the compensation of return to work (RTW) are the causes of more absenteeism. What's more, the supervisor's supportive behavior is a key to absent management for the organizations today when in this era tech replacement is possible but not the HR possessing high tech skills! The latest research on leaves of absence and trends in disability uncovers the fact that the leaves are never pleasant for employers but the high tech is of good utilization for compliance, employees' experience, and absence management.

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