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Employee Turnover

What is Employee Turnover?

The employee turnover specifies in numbers or percentages how many employees have left the company within a particular period. Employee turnover can also be applied to business units, departments, and so on. If more workers leave the company, then the company gets a high employee turnover rate. Also, it can be due to the retirements, terminations, and resignations of employees.

What are the Types of Employee Turnover?

There are basically two types of Turnovers,

Voluntary Turnover

When an employee leaves an organization of their free will is called Voluntary Turnover. Voluntary turnover can have a negative impact on the business as the high-performing employee leave their organization. The reason for leaving the organization can be,

Involuntary Turnover

When an employee is being terminated by the employer is called Involuntary Turnover. The reason for the termination can be,

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