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Top 5 Key HRMS software features

An average person spent one-third of his life at work, so why not make it more productive by using Cloud-based Human Resource Management Software (HRMS) for the automation of all HR functions. Many leading organizations are already tired of using frustrating spreadsheets and have switched to HR Software as they knew spending hours and hours on spreadsheets is not a key to success.

Which HRMS Software should we consider?

There are many HR management software available right now in the market, before considering any, here are the Top 5 Key Human Resource Management Software features, or else you will end up using HR Software that is similar to your current old fashion spreadsheets.

Top 5 HRMS features list

  • Centralized HR System
  • Employee Self-Service
  • Time and Attendance Tracking Software
  • Automation for Leaves / Time Off
  • Business Intelligence

Centralized HR System

  • A centralized HR system means everything needed in one place, which can result in “easy to find data what you are looking for”.
  • With a centralized HR system, the HR team can conveniently pull employees’ personal information.
  • With a centralized HR, you can manage the global HR data from different offices which are located in different states and even different parts of the world by which you can make informed decisions without rushing.

Employee Self-Service

  • With Employee Self-Service employees can access their information from anywhere and if there are any errors they will correct them which results in accurate employee information.
  • Employee Self Service can save a lot of the HR department's time, which can be then utilized in other HR processes.
  • With the Self-service feature, employees can apply for the PTOs from their desktop computers and also their mobile phones if android and iOS applications are available for the HR Software which you go for.

Time and Attendance Tracking Software

  • Manuel tracking the time and attendance of employees can be frustrating and can result in the inaccuracy of payroll.
  • With the Time and Attendance Tracking feature employees’ clock in and clock out time can be noted accurately in Human Resource Management Systems.
  • Time and Attendance Tracking Software can help you to stay compliant with different states’ labor laws as the employee’s data will be reliable.

Automation for Leaves / Time Off

  • Calculating and tracking Time off can be frustrating. With HR Software it can be calculated automatically and HR personnel and employees can also keep track of their Time Off-balance.
  • Any organization’s leave policy can be replicated in the HR Software so that no leave policy is hurt by a human error.
  • Many HR software can streamline the approval workflow for different Leaves/time-off types.

Business Intelligence

  • Many Human Resource Information Systems can show the data from the past and present in a graphical format which can be beneficial for C-Level employees to make informed business decisions.
  • Check if the HR software you choose has dynamic dashboards which can show the live data in a nutshell view.
  • In HR Software, the Business Intelligence feature can also help you out to increase competitive advantage as you can keep track of Employee turnover, retention, joining vs exiting, and a bunch more.