Part Time Hours

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Part Time Hours

What are Part Time Hours?

Part time hours are a requirement imposed by the workplace for workers to serve less than the full time standard set by labor laws. Part time workers have shortened hours or work fewer days, and employers typically offer various incentives to part time workers.

Part time Hours Payers and Payees benefits

Part time employees are set standards by the employer by either reducing the workweek from five days to four working days, each day of eight hours making a total of 32 hours per week scenario in the organization(s) – different from and less than, 40 hours a week as full time employment calling the workers as Full Time Employee FTEs as per ACA Affordable Care Act.

Too, the number of hours carrying to a reduction like 4 hours a day five days a week making a 20 hours per week as work week, or even lessen in number, there is no limit as per need. But then again ACA fits the criteria for if an organization has 50 or more FTEs, it has to provide 95% of its own full time employees the medical qualified health insurance. However, part timers are not required to be provided with such facilities.

The major benefit to Organization and businesses is that the part timers are not prone to benefit claims so far as the law is concerned, it is the mutual understanding of both parties that is employee and employer, and the employer may hire those talents at ease as per need of the hour like contingency plans and/or project based positions; etc.
However, employee(s) working has the benefit of open and easy hours at will to work for and they are flexible hours in HR language. It counts towards the ease creation for the part time employee.
The offers, although, are a win-win situation and on a mutual understanding basis for the good of the two.