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Performance Management

What is Performance Management?

The method or system by which a company monitors and enhances employee performance is known as performance management. Performance management can be used to monitor organizational, departmental, or team performance, and individual performance, though the term is more widely used to refer to individual performance.

Performance Management is the combination of two words: performance and management.

The word performance relates to the act of performing anything. That is accomplishing anything can be any recital, presentation, routine work, a job doing, equipment handling, a reenactment of something, carrying on a concert, showing off a show, functioning a task, implementing a plan, executing an enactment, concerting upon a work, operating machinery or power plant or any industry apparatus, running a show, working on any assignment; etc.

In other words, management is meant to be organization, running, administering, supervising, managing, controlling,  directing, rectifying, event planning and execution, reviewing, etc.

The terminology performance management correlates organizational perspective(s) of getting work(s) and job(s) done timely, effectively, and efficiently, instead of time out, effectively, or deficiently.

The managers are the ones who are responsible and authoritative for a team/teams to get work assigned completed on time for the smooth running of affairs regularly.

What are the tools for Performance Management betterment?

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