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Partial Pay

What does partial pay mean?

Partial Pay or the Partial Payment means the payment in portions, half payment, payment made less than the amount due, part payment, payment in installment, down payment, payment in segments, upfront payment.

These sort of partial payments are made in several diverse scenarios such as partial payments being made against any building or house purchase to the owner or through the estate agent. The rest of such payments may be made directly by the buyer and in other cases may be via banks loans (such as student loans, house financing, car financing, etc.) disbursement divisions, etc.  


What are the different types of Partial Pay?

The different types/scenarios where partial payments are made are as mentioned below:

Partial Payment in the form of Service – Orders

One of the important executions of the partial payments is the payments partially paid (as against a partial purchase) – that may be half payment or so, say for - in the form of service orders’ part payments made against any service requirements ordered to service providers by the buyers.

When several services are hired for any reason by an employer, the service provider is usually paid a partial payment, in the form of what is often called token money, for completion of the work/service provider to the customer.

Hence the token money / partial payment becomes a source of motivation for the service provider for work completion and gets the remaining total amount owed when the promised is delivered – service is provided completely – work is done on part of the service providers, consultants, or contractors

Partial Payments – Installments set up

Partial Payment Installments Set up is one of the sorts of its type prevalent worldwide. Such installments are in vogue when a purchaser buys big appliances, vehicles, house/office buildings, office equipment, plant machinery, etc. A certain amount is paid by the buyer to the seller as a down payment for such a purchase and the rest of the full amount/total amount is made payable in easy and maybe equal if case warrants so, installments for yet another period mutually agreed between the two

Partial Payments – Real Estate Business Deals

Partial payments are made in the real estate deals where again token money amount is paid by the buyer(s) to the seller(s) but with the inclusion of an estate agent, whereby the rest payment is made usually when the deal is finalized and matured.

The responsibility of an estate agent is to make proper documentation assistance along with payment schedules to make between the two parties and matures the deal – whereby an estate agent is a service provider selling services and in turn, gets commissions in the form of financial or non-financial benefits having financial value.

In several cases, nowadays estate agents get big beneficial deals in sort of self-paying token partial payment (online payment or physical) to a seller on a certain price to sell some estate property and sell the same to another buyer(s) with a good profit margin, keeping a significant amount of money as back up if the deal bounces back


Partial Payments in terms of Rotating Amounts

Partial Payments in terms of Rotating Amounts is another type where the credit is taken by the buyer from a certain service provider on credit cards and the same is paid back by the client in the form of payments at the end of a particular date of the month. Another example of such an arrangement is home equity lines of credit.

Mergers and Takeover of the Businesses

Purchasers in this form of administration of business, called mergers and business takeovers, make partial payments as agreed upon by the parties and the remaining amount is kept as security for any unforeseen circumstances having any effect on the company under the purchase         


What are the benefits of Partial Payment?

As far as the benefits of Partial Payment are concerned, the buyers and sellers have some in a way that:

  • In case of any unanticipated incident on either side, the payment is made in part as per the partial payment plan agreed upon – therefore the risk factors are minimized
  • Other, the motivational factors are equal for the parties that the services will be provided and/or the products would be delivered as finished goods to the customer – hence a motivation for sellers to work time to complete the deal, and the buyers’ side that the things would be ready on time to get and take benefit of and too the payment is not made as full therefore risk factors are minimized for buyers
  • When you have diverse payment options and different payment plans, whereby your business sends and/or receives payments, business administration and management tools tell us that within those if you choose the arrangement of partial payment, it facilitates your Cash Flows. And this applies to both the big as well as the small business setups

How Partial Payments can be record maintained?

Partial payments can be recorded maintained in the form of invoices or software whereby in either case the installment, principal amount, and the partial payment must be mentioned therein in a legible manner.

Some ways to record it are as appended here:

  • 50/50
  • 50% deposit and the residual is due on delivery
  • Net 50
  • The monthly balance remained due on _________ (mention any due date here)
  • The outstanding is due within 90 days
  • 50% due upon receipt of invoice (invoice payments)
  • Minimum payment due
  • 1% 10 Net 30
  • Contra Payment
  • Any other as per your business feasibility 

Pertinent to know that it is the authority and will of the creditor for any installments facility to extend to its customer or otherwise.

Is Partial Payment considered as late?

The answer to this question is both “Yes and No”, differing from case to case. No, in the case where both the buyer and seller are agreed on certain arrangements.

Yes, in a scenario where the due dates or the grace periods provision is expired by the buyer, in other words, the buyer could not make the installment of payment to seller timely and hence the results could be the reversal of sell, hindrance, and stoppage of the services, late fees marks, bad report of the debtor – customer, any other penalties which the seller may impose but within the parameters of the contractual agreement signed by both the parties before/at the time of the business deal.     


What is Partial Redemption?

Partial redemption is a partial payment of a callable/redeemable bond redeemed by the issuing authority before the maturity date. Municipal and Corporate issuing authorities usually manage partial redemptions on account of sometimes might be for example issuing new bond(s) on lower-cost rates to save the amount on affluent interests, etc.   

Summarizing Partial Pay

Being a business owner/service provider it is the authority of you being the creditor to either extend partial payment schedules to your clientele and you accept a partial payment - or otherwise, as per your business model feasibility, operations, and management analysis considering all the important factors – say for example having back up funds to meet any unsuspected circumstances amid turbulent business times.

On the other side, if you are a debtor and have to get facilitated via such an arrangement what is called partial payment, you must ascertain that the payments are made by due dates as agreed upon mutually between you and your creditor so that to avoid any penalties or service abundant on part of the seller; and also, to keep you from bad repute into the markets.