Occupational Stress

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Occupational Stress

What is Occupational Stress?

Occupational stress is a concept that is widely used in the technical business world to describe the continuing or progressive stress that a person feels as a result of their job duties, circumstances, atmosphere, or other stresses. Occupational stress can take several forms, based on the particular person, their work position, the business culture, and other factors.

What are the reasons behind Occupational Stress?

  • Rigid procedural codes do not ease employees to breathe in open air adequately
  • Lack of conflict Management amongst employees and employee employer
  • Inadequate support to HR Divisions
  • Time management issues
  • Overworking
  • Inflation and Cut down in wage structures
  • Job termination threats
  • The misery of guidelines both at personal as well as directional level by strategic stakeholder
  • The dearth of professional and personal growth
  • Deficiency in Macro management and efficiency in mismanagement
  • Discrimination and Bully
  • More expectations at both ends: employer and employee

We at WebHR suggest you that:

Occupational stress management can easily be carried out via various virtuous tactics:

  • Empowerment of employees for their work
  • Mistakes are taken as work mistakes human errors not to personalize
  • Team building approach
  • Trust building attitudes
  • Curbing nepotism, if any
  • Empowering HR and Strategic guidelines very clear to all the employees
  • Expectations are limited by both the parties (employee and employer)
  • Policies and procedures must have some exhausting points for open air breathing policy favoring employees and the organization as a result
  • Provision of adequate growth opportunities for both personal and professional levels
  • Stopping micro management
  • Extend the authority with responsibility to the employees so they work willingly and take the decisions at their own, this way they will also win their work and decisions, even mistakes and success points would possibly be owned by the employees this way through
  • Creation of supportive and possible conducive environment at workplace
  • Make aptitudes positive therefore attitudes would improve
  • Assign the work as per the capacity of the employees
  • Regular pay raise(s) but pay for performance
  • Elimination of job exit termination threats like taboos
  • Any other as per your business needs