Magnetic Media Reporting

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Magnetic Media Reporting

What is Magnetic Media Reporting? 

Magnetic Media Reporting is a tool that cites a database from HANA (High Performance Analytic Appliance).

Magnetic Media Reports of Compliance are developed in the Advance Compliance Reporting (ACR) framework.
This is the way by which not only data automation retrievals are performed quickly but at the same time, big data are handled through this framework system.

In the US, the Department of Health and Human Services publication outlines the magnetic media reporting framework for receiving wage data from organizations on CD-R (Compact Disk Recordable), and then the said department approves the status of the data submitting organization(s) as the approved magnetic media reporter(s). The CD-R/Cartridge has to be sent by the reporting organizations providing that CD-R/Cartridge a (unique/ordinary/specific/as the case may be) identification number(s) or some external catalog code(s) for reference.
Moreover, the reporting data, Quarterly Tax Reports (DE Form UC 8), and Quarterly Payroll reports (DE Form UC 8A) are submitted with the Department of Labor, Division of Unemployment Insurance.