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Job Description

What is a Job Description?

An organizational document that describes the work qualifications, job roles, job tasks, and skills needed to play a task is known as a job description.
In other words, Job Description or JD is also known as the Terms-of-Reference It is the expected outcome from an employee upon receipt of the monthly or whatever (like hourly; weekly) wage/salary/pay structure(s). It is also known as the holistic maneuver of the KSA –Knowledge Skills and Abilities – requisite to perform any job/work. The KSA may be technical, non-technical, or a mix of both.

Technical KSAs are the core competencies a must-know for any job trade. It may include infotech, hi-tech, tools knowhow, machinery workshop KSA, design, and development of instruments, instrumentation, lubrication of the tools, calibration of the gauges, slings, chain-blocks, servicing and tagging of the gas cylinders, chemicals room temperature maintenance, electronics or electrical tiny or big tools maintenance, oil calibrations and reserves, nuke installations and critical points, electricians jobs, plumbing tasks, fueling assignments, stores management, operations management, commissioning of [any] equipment(s), telecommunication jobs, medical and health fitness facilitations – encompassing clinics at power plants/factories/industries, regular checks called white card activities or technical peer reviews, and etc.

Whereas Non-Technical KSA is the ample aptitude and proficiency in paperwork, filling, billing, housing, general admin, transportation, bills processing, onboarding, HR departmental tasks, HR Development – Training [nontech nature], Training event management, supply chain management, stamps and postal services, traveling desks, memo issuances, notice boards maintenance, housekeeping, and etc.