Human Capital Management

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Human Capital Management

What is Human Capital Management (HCM)?

Human Capital Management (HCM) is a series of activities that a firm employs to hire, retain, grow, and optimize employees to maximize their contribution to the company.

Human Capital Management [HCM] is blended with Human Resource Management [HRM], which is not the right approach!

What is the difference between Human Capital Management (HCM) and Human Resource Management (HRM)?

WebHR Glossary helps you find the correct difference between the two.

HCM is the capitalization of human functions such as Training and Development, Performance Management, and Strategic HR Management; not only this, but it also includes HR Functions management. HCM is optimizing the return on investment in organizations.

Whereas HRM encompasses the human resources to manage the HR functions of record keeping, hiring, firing, retiring, admin, retaining, and managing the HR and other systems and the workforce in organizations. 

Another school of thought believes it has, though included strategic viewpoint as an added advantage of HCM, a slight difference of the word “Capital” that the Humans were termed as the Resource after the word alteration from Personnel the then archaic Admin terminology, then termed as the worthy capital of any organization which is inimitable. However, though hi-tech can be copied, Humans do not.

Functions of Human Capital Management include: