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Generation Z

What is Gen Z?

Generation Z or Gen Z are the people who are born between the years 1997 and 2010. The members of gen Z are well known for their multitasking habits. Most members of Generation Z are also busy with gadgets.

Generation Z is in colloquial are too known as Zoomers. One research shows that they are:

  • 49% of the Gen Z classify themselves Non-White
  • 98% of Gen Z are smartphones owners
  • 92% people of this generation have digital footprints
  • 50% of their population is connected online 10 hours a day
  • 70% of these watch 2 hours a day you-tube
  • 40% of those are addicted to their cellphones
  • 80% of the Z generation feel distressed when they are kept away from their cell phones
  • They are the people having Social Media cognizance and they display the same
  • They are often called as Techno comfort generation
  • They possess mild but progressive political views, though they are appraised and look for the performance and not the brand names of the political parties

Moreover, they are raised by Gen-Xers people who are the born people in the years between 1965 and 1980 and are after the Millennial(s) generation starting from 1980 and ending up to 1996.

They are grown in the age of hi-tech but they are not in total possession of the ownership of information required to operate all the gadgets – that is not necessarily they are digitally literate – but then again they are famously termed as digital natives because of their age versed with the technology era.

Generation Z is the legion between the millennial(s) and Gen Alpha, where the millennial(s) are their predecessors and the Alpha their successors. Gen Alpha is the born people between the years 2010 and 2020’s mid. Generation Alpha is the most hi-tech kids who are mostly exposed to internet and gadget mindsets; hence the screen-time consequently has posed allergies, flabbiness, and health-related issues into them. Moreover, due to a higher level of awareness, which was not available in previous generations, the allergies are higher rate diagnosis into Gen Z people too! Health awareness has caused on the surface identification of diseases hence stress has been on its heights than ever before as well!

This generation Zee has also seen the trade towers scenario, global economic recession, and the diversity of socio-political issues worldwide but they could not experience all the said incidents as the cognizant brains or matured ones, because they were smaller in ages like in 2K1 Gen Zee people were only 5 years old babies and so on up till 2K10.  

Insider Intelligence put Gen Zee from 1997 till 2012, being the largest consumer segments facing techno trends and brands recognition popularities and for the market, their big data analytics tendencies are important to focus upon for better service provision and profit orientation.

Astonishing that different generations are having several names, Centennials is yet another name given to Gen Zee. Some are in their start of career by the year 2K20 having reached 23 years of age, the gen Z people are few in their post graduating college final years who are professional engineers or doctors. Gen Z in America uses preferably TikTok then Instagram, but it differs from place to place globally speaking.

Research about Gen Z

  • Pew Research Center Washington DC USA has termed that the differentiable consequential outcomes amongst the demographics across the globe are the resultant factors of a difference in generations – often called in common man language that this is a generation gap. Gen Z is called as iGen and post-millennial(s) 
  • Though there is no cutoff formula for defining any generation through its age then again Pew research Centre has defined it as 16 years approx. as per their research working on Gen X is between the years 1965 and 1980, and 1981 to 1996 are the years for the Millennial(s). There is only one Generation officially declared by the US Census Bureau as having 19 years span and they are the post-World War – II births starting from 1946 till 1964, and they are known as Baby Boomers.                 
  • Gen Zee are the only people when their oldest kid was only 10 years young and the iPhone launched in the year 2007. By the time they entered into teens, the connectivity among young Americans was via high bandwidth WiFi and mobile devices in hand. The issues related to behaviors, though, are both concerning and positive so far as the teens of Gen Z were concerned.
  • Generation Z are the people who during the great recession periods, tend to be pragmatic in approach. There are money savers but online shoppers, use snap chat and Instagram instead of Facebook which has its users mostly Millennials.
  • It is pertinent to mention here that though they are online most of the time of a day and week then again 72% of the Gen Z people prefer face-to-face conversations and 75% work multiple roles. They are in possession of self-awareness in terms of their educational and financial strength. 
  • In the United States of America, Gen Zers (Generation Z people) are constituting 27 percent of the total population.  
  • One research mentioned about the generation Z that by the year 2026, in the United States consumer population will be around 82 Million Gen Z persons taking over the total persons of Millennial(s) in the consumer market, by the number of 2 million!
  • Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) have been a source of attraction and pragmatic approach for Generation Z people so far as the cultural heritage, natural habitat, urban tourism, leisure, and heritage conservation are concerned.