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Full Time Hours

What do Full Time Hours mean?

The definition of full time hours is a legal classification that establishes a fair limit for working hours that specifies the maximum number of hours that hourly employees can serve in a week before being qualified for overtime pay. Employees who work full time hours are also entitled to exclusive compensation.

Moreover, the Full time Hours is the way which works as the benefits deciding tool for an employee working as a full time or what it is called in the US salaried employees and in other countries they are known as regular employees, FTH - this is a term used as an antagonist of the contract or contingent/project time based employees/workers. Right from the year 1940, the number of full hours per week is 40; and prior to that it was more than 44 hours a week, as of 1938 – US Congress passed FLSA – Fair Labor Standards Act. However in the US, IRS – Internal Revenue Services – calls a worker as a full time who works 32 to 40 hours a week or 132 hours per month.

The employers, however, are at benefit leverage as far as the exempt employees are concerned, who they work for dedication and job completion task oriented and less monitored (working 50 percent of their work an independent) jobs. The Exempt employees can work more than 40 hours per week for their assigned tasks and targets achievements.