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Form i9

What is Form i-9?

The I9 form is the form that works as a confirmation for the worker(s) that an individual is eligible for working in the US legally.

The employer(s) and Employee(s) are all required to get filled/fill the I9 Form. This is treated as the proof of identity and the legal status of a worker that an individual is either legally eligible to be an employee or worker in the United States.

The Employers should be well aware of getting the following records and documents from the new hires:

  • Unites States Passport
  • Certificate showing the U.S. Citizenship (N 560 / N 561)
  • Certificate showing Naturalization (N 550 / N 570)
  • Temporary Resident card (I - 688) (Unexpired)
  • Driving Licenses, School identification cards, Voter-Regd. Cards
  • Social Security Card issued by the US
  • State or Municipal authority issued Birth Certificate
  • US Citizen identification card
  • Birth certificate of abroad but issued by United States Dept. Of State

Of afore-mentioned documents, not all but sufficient documents should be ensured the Employers to be made available, which are required to prove enough the identity and legal eligibility requirements of an individual for working in the US.