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Employee Orientation

What is Employee Orientation?

Employee orientation refers to the familiarization of the new recruits in the Organization. That familiarization consists of the rules, regulations, laws, policies, practices in vogue, ethics standards, team building, organizational mission and vision, and policies’ revision from time to time.
Employee orientation is different at different organizations as per need of the time that is it may be done within a few days and maybe longer to months depending not only on the size and number of employees organizations have but the very nature of the business an organization operates in and its correlating organizational environments.
The mission and vision behind such an orientation is a trial of the creation of the valuable human resource, the most inimitable resource of any concern, which might prove to be an asset for the organization’s mission and vision completion. Employee orientation is also done with a career enhancement cornerstone in favor of employees as well as to align the HR mission and vision with the organization’s ones.
Moreover, along with orientation programs at the start of the jobs, HR Department is there in action time and again whereby Employees are trained for their existing jobs to run the show; and are developed through development programs by HR Development designs for cope up with the future assigned challenges and tasks in turbulent times and difficult environments.