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Employee Evaluation

What is Employee Evaluation?

Employee Evaluation is the analysis and audit of an employee's work performance. Workers are assessed continuously in organizations' job appraisal systems periodically. This is a supervisor's evaluation of a worker's results to review a worker's performance, compliment them on their success, and work together on plans to enhance results and help the organization reach its goals. Employee Evaluation is also known as Performance Review.

Why Employee Evaluations Are Necessary?

Companies always look forward to increasing the business with different strategies, among those Employee Evaluation is one of the key areas. As with employee evaluations, both employer and employee gain somehow the same amount of benefits. There are 6 reasons why employee evaluations are necessary for all companies or organizations,

  1. Increase the engagement of employee(s) and manager(s)
  2. Improves the performance of employee(s)
  3. Helps to identify the promotion opportunities
  4. Helps to identify the weak points of employee(s)
  5. Improves the company’s hiring\recruiting decisions
  6. Helps to clarify the role and status of induvial employees