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Certified Payroll Professional

What is CPP?

A CPP, or Licensed Payroll Professional, has received specialized training in payroll accounting, applications, and regulations. Employers who want to hold payroll in-house with a high degree of proficiency should allow their employees to take the CPP exam to earn payroll certifications.

What is CPP Test?

CPP is a Certified Payroll Professional. And the CPP test is conducted by the American Payroll Association (APA) to certify the employees who have working experience of at least 5 years, out of that 3 years in/on payroll department/position. The payroll department’s position includes payroll producing, payroll reporting, payroll accountancy, payroll admin, payroll education and consulting, payroll taxation, payroll accounting, and/or payroll systems. The certification levels by APA encompass essential level, intermediate level, advanced level, and strategic level.

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