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What is CASDI?

CASDI stands for California State Disability Insurance. CASDI is a short term disability insurance scheme for California employees. Employees' paychecks are used to finance the scheme, which is financed by federal income tax deferred. Employees in California who are temporarily unable to work due to a non work related disease or accident will receive weekly tax free payments before they can return to work for a period of one year under this short term disability scheme. CASDI recipients can receive 60% to 70% of their average quarterly gross revenue.

Which Employees are Eligible for CASDI?

Employees who received a minimum of $300 wages during their base period are eligible for SDI, assuming that the SDI deductions have been taken out of this pay. (Please note that the base period is the twelve months that ends before the last complete calendar quarter before an employee files an SDI claim.) Additionally, an employee must be under the doctor’s supervision, and the doctor must certify that the employee is unable to work.
Furthermore, Employees must meet all of the following requirements to become eligible to receive CASDI benefits:

  • Shall be unable to do work for a minimum of eight consecutive days
  • Employed or actively looking for employment when they became disabled
  • Employees have Lost wages because of their disability
  • Earned at least $300 from which CASDI deductions were held back in the past 12 months
  • Under the supervision of a licensed doctor or (gave credit or authorization to) a religious practitioner during the first eight days of their disability
  • Completed and mailed a claim for CASDI within 49 days of becoming disabled
  • Have a physician or practitioner complete medical certification of disability

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