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Career Plateau

What is Career Plateau?

Career Plateau is defined as a condition when your employees reach a position whereby they can never further get vertical promoted and the work they are in becomes monotonous in terms of the type of tasks they do and the work quality.    

In a career plateaus situation, the employee becomes motionless in terms of tasks to do, and in this scenario, the employee reaches in due to the repetitive nature of the assignments and jobs the employee has been carried out through career time with the organization.

Sometimes employees reach the career plateau because they have already reached a point where there are no further promotional opportunities available due to any reason. When an employee reaches the top-notch position then there remain a few positions upward having more employees fighting for the same competition.

How Career Plateauing should be dealt with?

In absence of the promotions, in plateauing positioning, here your duty starts as an HR expert to provide the employee-facing career plateau with the lateral transferability opportunity to some different department to ease the situation for the employee concerned so that employee does not feel stuck in the same position

The topmost difficult scenario for your HR department is to avoid situations reach plateauing because this is the point in time when employees even do not have an idea they are faced with plateauing and should be dealt with the treatment like learning a foreign language, and/or development training of skills opportunities for the employee-facing plateau.

It is because the employee knows s/he has reached the highest career point and there is no further promotion, no present learning, and the future is not clear when and how to do what. It is the position due to another reason that the life achievements are done so far and the satisfaction of doing much in life triggers the unsatisfactory behavior leading to “what to do further” situation in career plateauing.

What are the key areas to focus on for moving outwards from the Career Plateau?   

Following are the ways that may help you to fight back your employee’s career plateau position:

Is there anything positive regarding Career Plateau?

The answer to this question is yes there is something positive regarding career plateauing. But, what that could be in your opinion?

If we brainstorm a bit, it is easy to understand that career plateauing opens the senior management positions for the employees who are reaching the level of seniority following the plateauing employee. This vacancy paves the way to a chance for successors of career development and hence is a motivating factor.