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Business Agility

What is Business Agility?

Business Agility is a business's capability to respond to evolving conditions while preserving its vision. Business Agility is a concept of maintaining progress in your corporate strategy through internal and external adjustments inside and outside the business's control. Any business that intends to remain in business for the long term needs to be agile and flexible. Business Agility is crucial as it shows that the business can forecast and manage an upcoming change and make strategies for it accordingly. Businesses that do not evolve and depend on existing ways of performing business activities and processes usually cannot survive the competition as they are unable to respond to changes in the market, which is fast enough. Business agility refers to Self organization (unguided decision making on own as per scenario but in favor of organizational vision), Coevolution (progressing together: products, services, and processes), Frequent interactions (meetings between people and groups within the organization), and an edge on chaos (the portion where change is needed that is between the randomness and the lack of logic and normalized equilibrium). When Organizations face rapid change and uncertain turbulent times, business agility is required to thrive (develop further that is a perspective as per organizational design domain), and not mere survival.