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Appointment Letter

What is an Appointment Letter?

An appointment letter is a formal letter issued, by the employer, to a qualifying job candidate after the candidate has passed all the prerequisite stages of the selection in an organization.

Those prerequisite stages might be shortlisting from the job advert, preliminary tests in written, psychological tests, group discussions, and a panel interview. The said all may be implemented as steps together or any one of these, as the selection tool(s) for an employer during the recruitment process.

What are the parts of an appointment letter?

Following are the parts of an appointment letter – a document that confirms employment. The appointment letter format has the following information:

  • Greetings
  • Job conditions
  • Job description: what is expected from the employee
  • Pay and Allowances
  • Salary / Wage structure payment method – that is per hour / per week/month
  • Type of job: full-time, part-time, consultants, etc.
  • Tax deductions, at source and of choice
  • Retirement plans choices
  • Leaves
  • Medical facilities
  • Social security status
  • Efficiency and Discipline: disciplinary actions defined therein for any misconduct
  • Boarding / Office colony housing facilities, if applicable – generally for factory workers
  • Gym and other benefits, if available as per employers’ feasibility analysis
  • Telecom facilities, if any – for jobs requiring mobility
  • Travel required
  • Gratuity
  • Retirement benefits
  • Formally signed in by the competent authority or the person powers delegated to
  • Anything else that an employer deems fit

What is more about Appointment Letter?

What is more, an appointment letter (job confirmation letter) is one which includes what remained unsaid by the employer so far and that is information to a new employee (selected candidates for the job) about company policies, culture, benefits of employment, and whatever questions a new employee’s mind could have, is tried to be answered in advance. An appointment letter further has the following characteristics:

  • Should be on organizational letterhead with company name, addresses, email, phone, etc.
  • Date of Issuance of such a letter
  • Full name of Job entrant
  • Job title/position and Designation
  • Reporting relationship: line manager – who reports to whom
  • Terms of Reference (ToRs): what an employee is expected to do / job roles
  • Job nature: field/office /blended/etc.
  • Job Tenure: regular or permanent, temporary, contractual, contingent, etc.
  • Job Timings: in and out time/working hours to complete per week/month  
  • Employment Perks, if any
  • Job starting date
  • Terms and conditions of the (conditions of employment)
  • Probationary period: when the job will be a permanent one upon successful completion of a certain period known as probation or probationary period
  • Company policies briefing
  • HR Manual
  • Date of expected Joining
  • Documents checklist to be attached at the time of onboarding
  • Security clearance requirements, if any
  • Declaration commitment by the Employee - this may include an oath ceremonial if the position requires so
  • Confidentiality maintenance policy of the employer sensitive and important information
  • End of contract - Resignations applicability – like one-month prior notice or one-month salary instead of that, by either party (employee or employer) – notice period
  • Termination provisions, if the case may be

A new job entrant is given the appointment letter wherein the expiry of such a letter must mention as good practice, that the offer letter is valid for 15 days / one month or so, if a person accepts the position offered and sends a signed copy back to the employer as a token of acceptance of employment, failing to report within stipulated time frame and the same would be treated as canceled by the issuing authority that is the employer.

What is the difference between the offer of appointment, offer letter, and appointment letter?

Offer of appointment letter is the letter provided to a selected qualified job candidate to be your employee therein writing all the aforementioned characteristics.

Whereas an appointment letter may be an offer of the job and can also be an appointment request to a visa office writing them a letter requesting an appointment of a visa officer in a consulate, embassy, or consultant office.

While the offer letter is a short letter consisting of job responsibilities, salary, and employer’s info, the appointment letter for offering a job position consists of more information at length for a new entrant into the organization so that the onboarding and the job tasks become easy to keep a new employee an informed and worthy worker for the business concerns.  

The offer letter normally asks for additional documents, in case required by the employer. Those additional documents may be security clearances from the local law enforcement agencies like the Police etc. or that may be any certificate from the council regarding a bona fide citizenship letter and/or any other document, for example: related to education, pertaining experience; diploma; birth certificate, etc.

Whereas a Job Appointment letter asks for a preliminary medical examination of a to-be employee to ascertain the fit for the job status of the person selected.  

At the closing of an appointment letter for a job offer, it is a good practice if you remind the job entrant of the key responsibilities expected out of the person (KRA – Key Responsibility Area) and the time frame to join within due dates in bold formatting so that is highlighted for the reader and not to miss that while reading comprehending and response reacting to.

In some cases, the job offer is provided and accepted by the person selected and then at the date of joining the organization formally, an appointment letter is provided by the employer to the newcomer. In other cases, the job offer is within the offer of appointment/appointment letter.