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WebHR integration with Asana

What is Asana?

Asana is a web and mobile work management platform designed to help teams organize, track, and manage their work. It helps employees to collaborate and manage all kinds of tasks related to small projects or strategic initiatives.

WebHR integration with Asana

WebHR with the integration of Asana facilitates organizations to synchronize projects created in Asana to WebHR. It avails the user to capture the workspace along with projects created in the platform of Asana, once the workspace is captured then the user will be availed of the option to create the same project in WebHR as in Asana.

Integration Steps

Follow these instructions to integrate your WebHR account with your Asana Account.

Please Login to your Asana account

Once inside your Asana account create a workspace that is going is going to be captured by WebHR

Once the Workspace is created, create a project inside that workspace

Once the project is created, Go to WebHR and click on the four blocks at the top left corner

Press on the Integrations option

Find the Asana Integration and then click on it

Once clicked a new window will open up, which will provide you with the required information for that specific integration and you will see the button to connect your WebHR with that platform, Press that button “Connect with Asana”

Once pressed, a new window will open up which will ask you to log-in, in to integrate your WebHR account with your Asana account

Once logged In, you will see “Connected” in your WebHR Account.

Once Successfully connected WebHR will give you the option to synchronize Asana projects, Press the “Sync Asana Projects” button

Once clicked a new window will open up which will give you the option to select a specific workspace created in Asana, Select the workspace

Once you have selected the workspace a new window will open up which will preview all the projects created under that specific workspace in Asana along with the option to create that duplicate project in WebHR as well, now to create the duplicate project in WebHR press on the “Create Project in WebHR” option.

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