Research: HR Performance and Emotional Intelligence

Research proves a positive relationship between HR Performance and Emotional Intelligence. People with high EQ have been seen in good mental health. They understand own selves and others, hence they become problem-solvers cum high performer...

As per HR-related academic and practical research, now, as a matter of fact, it is an open secret that besides other human psychographic intelligent attributes, Emotional Intelligence is of much importance which improves HR Performance, hence the term emotional intelligence matters.

It is as easy to understand as human beings that every decision relates to some emotions behind, therefore identifying and managing manager and employee's emotions leads to a peaceful environment and the waves of emotional states do not hinder sane decision-making.

It is important to know that emotional quotient (EQ), is the measurement of emotional intelligence which makes the following special characteristics improvement: 

  • Ability to recognize own and others’ emotions
  • Betterment in mental health
  • Ability to understand own and others’ emotions
  • Making people socially skilled
  • Strong emotional signals understanding and control
  • It matters more than Intelligence Quotient (IQ)
  • Performance improvement of HR

Humans’ personal lives, families, organizational climate, social groups, countries; and the Globe at large, apply as a coherence of good waves. This domain has now been the field of interest for HR Researchers and academics around the World including the institutes like Harvard University.  

HR Research at Harvard

HR Research at Harvard on several human psychological traits and emotional intelligence showed that this type of intelligence improves the organizational environment and bottom-line Performance, among other factors, showing a percentage of such characteristics as 47%. (Harvard, 2013) 

Daniel Goleman's Book on Emotional Intelligence

Daniel Goleman, a Harvard Professor of Psychology cum resource person on emotional intelligence training wrote a book on emotional intelligence in 1995 and defined therein four components of emotional intelligence.

Management Research and Practice issue of December 2020, about HR

Management Research and Practice issue of December 2020, about HR, uncovers Emotional Intelligence as a good predictor of HR Performance at the Workplace and it incorporates the positive attitude toward Work

An HR Research study of July 2021

HR Research study of July 2021 about EQ at the workplace during the global COVID-19 pandemic mentions that human resource managers face problems and see the solutions for the same by International Researchers in the very application of the Emotional Intelligence domain in practice. 

International Journal of Organizational Analysis, about HR Performance

International Journal of Organizational Analysis, about HR Performance, predicts the research about the Officers who are working in Criminal Investigations and that research discloses the positive relationship of Emotional Intelligence with HR Performance.

Therefore, the research and development so far tell us that emotional intelligence is good for employee performance and persons possessing high emotional intelligence are high performers.

It is good for programs and systems applied for performance management of HR, whereby it paves the way for performance evaluations and appraisals' possible betterment by this very human attribute measurement.

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