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Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in HR and its relationship with HR Leadership

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is related to, among other factors, 80% of the Success in Life, and IQ is as large as 20%, as per the renowned Harvard Psychology Guru Daniel Goleman - his best seller book named Emotional Intelligence in the last decade of the last century in 1995.

The components of emotional intelligence are four in numbers as per Goleman Model:

Knowing Own-selves and Others & Managing Self and the Relationships. EQ is the power behind (HR)-Leadership! (Goleman).

Can EQ be learned or taught?

Yes, EQ can be learned as well as taught as per psychology philosophers.

Why it is important to possess EQ for being a Leader?

HR does do this in a way that emotions do not disturb or disrupt the working of their own and that of others, rather Leaders in possession of emotional intelligence utilize-cum-channelize the emotional energy in positive and outcome-based direction, for their own benefit, others around them; and for the value addition towards Organizational HR goals completion.

Leaders are in possession of higher EQ than ordinary people; consequently, they have the following characteristics related to emotional intelligence:

Military Perspective (2021) on EQ and HR Leadership

It is well admired military men fact that: “(HR)-Leaders are those who never panic in any situation(s) in Life; in both Personal as well as Professional” (Armed forces Perspective, 2001). And the employees, battlefield soldiers, and the humans, in short, are those who never panic who are emotionally intelligent, and can face situations in life with a calm and witty state (possessing EQ) of the human thinking brain, commonly known as the mind.

Human Competency framework as per Emotional Intelligence:

The human Competency framework of Emotional Intelligence comprises four quadrants of human behavioral attributes, also known as components of emotional intelligence:

Whereby, Inspiring Leadership is falling under the domain of Relationship Management quadrant of the Competency framework of Emotional Intelligence, hence mentioning therein an important relationship between emotional intelligence and leadership!

What does Research in HR have to say about EQ and Leadership?

What is more in research in HR about EQ, the HR Research as of 2021 July shows there still needs to be looked into the EQ concept so far and there is a requirement for development of EI/EQ training for coping the ever conflicting results for this developing concept!

What does Leadership and Organization Development Journal have to say about Emotional Intelligence and Leadership in the HR domain?

Leadership and Organization Development Journal says about Emotional Intelligence and Leadership in HR domain that in the era of COVID-19 global hit pandemic when looking into the research zone for Virtual World Teams (VWTs) of Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOGs): it is seen that the outcomes so far as of 2021, disclose the facts of the perceived leader emotional intelligence and virtual team effectiveness sub-factors positive relationship, and this relationship is mediated by transformational leadership behavior of human resource.

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