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Convert Stressful Time and Attendance into Gratification Time and Attendance

Using spreadsheets for tracking employee time was great but in the early ’90s. Does your organization still use old age techniques like Attendance Forms, Time Card, or a message to your line manager of “Sign In” or “Sign Out” which can cause,

  • Inaccuracies in Payroll
  • Compliance – Legal issues
  • Endless and stressful conversation with employees

WebHR provides a complete time and attendance solution, now you have the right to choose from the 18+ attendance methods so that you can relax and convert the Stressful Time and Attendance into Gratification Time and Attendance.

Completely Centralized System

It’s very easy to look at the all information in one place. With WebHR, all your employees' attendance data, their clock in and clock out time, leaves and PTOs, worksheets will be gathered in one place. Even if your organization is located in a different part of the country or throughout the globe WebHR is capable to record time based on their specific Time Zone, and then you can filter the employees’ data with the help of the Filter and Search option.


WebHR’s Timesheet Module has the capability to auto calculate the Overtime based on employees’ schedule, work shift and hours worked, so you do not have to use a calculator and be extra careful about different locations’ labor laws.


One of the most frustrating tasks faced by HR persons is pulling out the data from the spreadsheets and creating a report. With WebHR you are just one click away from generating multiple reports which can be then exported in the desired format. Select from the various attendance reports which you are looking for to have an overview of Employees' time and attendance, work schedules, leaves and PTOs (Paid Time Off), and a lot more.

Integration with Payroll

Transferring the time and attendance data to payroll is a lot more complex and minor mistakes can cause the organization compliance issues. To avoid these issues WebHR provides a complete Payroll functionality and set pay rules all you need to do is process the payroll and all taxes with overtime will be auto-calculated.

If you are using any other software to take care of your Payroll stuff, WebHR also provides integration with,

  • Quickbooks
  • Xero
  • Sure Payroll
  • Freshbooks
  • Paychex
  • Pensoft

Too Simple!

Just pass the information to your Employees on how to Clock In and Clock Out from their WebHR Account, Mobile App for both iOS and Android mobile devices, Time Clock Kiosk, etc. As it is fully self-serviced, employees and managers can keep track of their attendance in real-time to make sure everything is inch-perfect before Payroll Processing.