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Biometrics Attendance Integration

In every type of organization, the Human Resource department manages, tracks, and maintains the attendance entries of every employee. There are many attendance methods by which employees can mark their attendance, out of which Biometrics is widely used to render accurate clock-in and clock-out timings.

What is Biometrics Attendance System and how does it work?

A Biometrics Attendance System requires a biometric device that is used to verify the employees’ identity by fingerprints, facial recognition, voice patterns, and/or iris recognition. These characteristics are then referred to the data inside the system to match and confirm the employee's identity.

Biometric Attendance Systems are used to avoid buddy punches as it is impossible to replicate a person’s biological identity. With this level of security, employees can only be paid if they truly spend their time working for an organization to reach their desired goals.

WebHR integration with Biometric Devices

Biometrics is one of the methods that you can choose from 18+ methods that WebHR offers. To integrate your biometric device with your WebHR Account please click 4 small boxes at the top left corner and then click the Biometrics Module

Then go to Biometrics Devices / Click Add Record

Add the Device Name, IP Address, Port, Serial Number, and Device Type, which can be found at the back of the biometric device

Once done, go back to the Biometrics Module / Biometric Users / Add Record / Enter the desired Username, and Password. Select your country’s Time Zone and the Device.

After that, please go to the Timesheet Module / Attendance / Settings / Manage Employee Access Codes (Biometrics IDs), and enter the access codes of employees.

Your key account manager will share a WebHR Biometric Application, and download and install it on your Computer or Laptop. Once installed, enter your Organization Code.

Enter your Biometric User credentials. Once logged in, check if the biometric device(s) is(are) appearing online

If you want to send the attendance data automatically, please turn on the option “Auto Send Data to WebHR” at the top. Or you can use the “Send to WebHR” button to send the attendance data manually.