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WebHR Geo-Fencing and GPS Tracking

By Anna Naveed


Optimizing the workflow is an important way to diminish costs and dispense satisfactory resources for benefactors.

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Optimizing the workflow is an important way to diminish costs and dispense satisfactory resources for benefactors. With inept workflows things take lengthened period of time and are more expensive to get done. In addition to re-evaluating a working pattern, it is a critical to incorporate new technologies. Companies spend a substantial amount of money to manage the remote attendance and tracking of the employees. It is sometimes a hassle to allow employees to mark attendance from different locations, having different shifts.

A number of government institutes rely on a method that allows them to track staff that is working remotely or is on the go. Thus, higher authorities feel a critical need to monitor those employees and keep a track of them using a tool, that helps them with a click of a button, providing a map of the movement. This Geo tracking is used by military and defense institutions too, for tracking their soldiers in the field.

A GPS based attendance has become one of the major requirements for all businesses and government institutes that have staff that's working in the field or have drivers and delivery staff that needs constant monitoring. This smart location based attendance and tracking mechanism works both on android and iOS apps. What's novel about WebHR's tool is that, it has also allowed the attendance or clocking in mechanism to be automated. It works in such a way, that as soon as an employee comes in, his/her mobile marks their attendance. WebHR's "Geo-Fencing" is the most innovative module, that has automated the clocking-in and clocking out mechanism.

WebHR's tracking and monitoring mechanism allows employers to uniquely track and locate employees in real time. This significantly reduces any miscommunications and frauds involved at the end of the employees in the field, allowing the management to stay connected at all times. This specific employee tracking mechanism, that offers a novel way of homogenizing and accessing data bases in real time. This break through technological architecture allows to track the staff on the go.

With the rise in GPS technology, employees have been more empowered and well informed. This has enabled them to track their employees their employees in the field and know their whereabouts with just a click. This is most useful for businesses with delivery staff and drivers. It helps in their monitoring and activity, enhancing the effectiveness of day to day procedures. It also assists them in monitoring their hours and overtime, complying with all labor laws.

This technology is also used to verify whether, there is any fraudulent activity or any wrong doing, which can later facilitate in an internal investigation of the matter. Having said that, it is imperative that employee privacy is valued and respected and things are not done without the knowledge of the employee. In these scenarios it is best to have an agreement in place. This should also be notified in the policy manual and made accessible to the staff being monitored.

An employer must consider state tort laws that it may violate, if it tracks the employees without their consent and would be considered as an invasion of their privacy. Also the employees should only be tracked during working hours and not afterwards.

A smart phone based tracking has had to be pre-defined through an agreement signed by both parties involved and employers and employees should avoid any clashes with the law. It is better to avoid any grievances  and serious implications that may drag the issue into the court, any tracking outside of the norms could results in a law suit and should be looked through critically to avoid such glitches.

The best way to deploy GRPS tracking, is to monitor the activities of the employees, is to become aware of the laws pertaining to the privacy. Restrict the monitoring to business needs strictly and limit it to people with authority, to monitor the staff. Always have a written GPS tracking policy, which should clearly state the business requirements of when and how the employees would be monitored.

With careful execution of this tool , it could become the most important tool in the field of HR, empowering the employers and optimizing the workflow of different businesses and Government institutions, helping an automated tracking and attendance monitoring mechanism that would reduce errors and man-made mistakes regarding time and attendance.