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Are You Hiring?

By Anna Naveed


In state of hardly stable economy globally where people become jobless due to layoff by their employers

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In state of hardly stable economy globally where people become jobless due to layoff by their employers, the market has again filled with two types of talents [Experienced & Fresher].  At the same moment the stable organizations are actively looking forward to hire a potential candidate and seem to find someone who just gets into the running wheel, fill the empty space and start delivering the type of benefit organizations expect from them.

HR Department having experienced HR professionals play a vital role in handling HR issues like identifying potential candidates for recruitment, managing existing employees, their leaves management, payroll all the way till performance evaluation etc. But not to forget that in majority of small and medium organizations the department at entire does not even exist or if it does then any additional costs of implementing technology is considered a liability. In most cases hiring is outsourced to external vendors where quality is compromised based on the budget quoted by them. And, if the technology is introduced the cost of having software to manage the recruitment process, employees and documents management, payroll management etc goes in thousands of dollars. (WebHR) not only makes it easy to manage recruitment process efficiently, but is also very cost effective. WebHR integrates with company’s existing website and creates a modernistic job portal; that makes it easy for the company to directly post job vacancies for candidates to apply directly into your system. A hassle free short-listing process never misses any CV and delivers the candidates exactly of the HR managers’ choice. Candidates can be given a specifically design test for their further screening and finally interviewed for the final decision. Once the right candidate is identified, one click of a mouse recruits that candidates and makes him part of the organization. No need to re-enter basic details just collect the documents on the go and bring him/her on the running wheel.